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Quotation Call

Ref: CCCT/Notiec/2018/                       


Date: 26/07/2018

SUB: Lab Equipments

Quotations are invited from the eligible Manufacturers for the supply of following trainer kits:
  1. Frequency Modulation Transmitter kit
  2. Frequency Demodulation Receiver Kit
  3. Amplitude Modulation Transmitter Kit
  4. Amplitude Demodulation Received Kit
  5. Pulse Amplitude/Pulse Width/Pulse Position modulation/Demodulation Kit
  6. Pulse Amplitude/Pulse Width/Pulse Position modulation/Demodulation Kit
  7. FDM Transmitter/Receiver Kit
Last date of receiving quotation is 27th July 2018.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Eligibility of Firm: Manufacturer. Certificate of for the same to be submitted along with quotation, it should be self-attested by proprietor or authorized signatory with company/firm seal.
  2. Suppliers should give the quote as per the minimum specifications. All the products must bear the brand name (lot no., batch no., date of manufacturing etc.
  3. The Manufacturer/firm must provide the pictures/brochures indicating specifications, features, make and model of the equipment/item. Noncompliance may lead to rejection.
  4. The supplier should invariably incorporate Guarantee/Warranty (G/W) clauses in his quotation letter wherever applicable. While incorporating G/W clause, nature should be specifically mentioned. One year Guarantee and three years Warranty should be provided. Non-compliance will lead to rejection.
  5. Quotation must be addressed to Principal, CCCT/CCCT Polytechnic, Chisopani, P.O.Nandugaon, South Sikkim-737126, signed by authorized person. The quotation must be printed in registered letter head of the supplier with ref. no. and date, GST registration number etc.
  6. The quotations received after declared date & time are liable to be rejected. The institute shall not be responsible for receipt of quotations after due date for postal delays or any other reason, whatsoever.
  7. The supplier should quote price clearly in figure and total amount should be in both figure and words. All prices must be exclusive of GST (Goods & Service Tax)/applicable taxes; however, the rate of taxation must be mentioned appropriately. Price should be quoted ex-site and inclusive of transportation, installation, delivery, warranty, packing, installation transit insurance and forwarding charges till CCCT Chisopani, South Sikkim.
  8. Supply of material should be completed within stipulated date/ time from the date of issue of firm order failing which the institute (CCCT) reserves the right to cancel the order. Delivery should be made within the 30 days from the date of Supply Order at the campus. Delay will attract penalties. Any extension of delivery date should be formally communicated prior to at least one week before the last date. Extension shall be provided formally subject to scrutiny of valid justification. Part supply shall not be accepted.
  9. Free replacement must be made against defective/damaged supplies by the firm/supplier at their own cost & risk within 15 days.
  10. 100% payment will be made after the delivery of items at our campus, Chisopani, South Sikkim and successful installation of the items as well as appropriate training provided to the concerned of items/equipment delivered. On submission of bill, supplier must raise IGST invoice. Bill/Invoice should have PAN number printed or flat @20% income tax will be deducted as per Govt. notification.
  11. The firms submitting the quotation against the quotations notice issued by the institute shall be governed by the laws of Govt. of Sikkim and be interpreted in accordance with such laws. Any dispute arising in process of the quotations, the matter shall be referred to the sole arbitrator who in such cases shall be the Principal CCCT and whose verdict shall be binding on both the parties.
  12. The institute (CCCT) reserves the right to place order for the scheduled quantity and/or part thereof.
  13. The terms & conditions given by the supplier will not be binding on us. The institute reserves all rights to reject a quotation not fulfilling above mentioned terms and conditions.
  14. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of court at Namchi, South Sikkim.

CCCT, Chisopani, South Sikkim
Under DTE [ HRDD ],Govt. of SikkimApproved by AICTEA Digital India Initiative