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Quotation Call

As part of AICTE-NEQIP Scheme, Govt. of India, the following has been approved by CCCT - Board of Governors (BoG) of CCCT for AICTE-NEQIP Scheme and is placed for quotation call and subsequent purchase:
  1. CCTV Surveillance System (Scheme code:AICTE-NEQIP/2017/01) (For list of items Click here)
  2. UPS & Battery (on buy back) (Scheme code:AICTE-NEQIP/2017/02) (For list Click here)
  3. Computer/Laptop/Wifi projector (Scheme code: AICTE-NEQIP/2017/03) (For list Click here)
  4. Photocopier machine on buy back (Scheme code: AICTE-NEQIP/2017/04) (For list Click here)

As mandated under the scheme, CCCT invites sealed quotations for the supply of above items from reputed manufacturers / authorized Dealers / authorized distributor / Authorized agents.

  1. Go through the list of items and read items and specifications carefully.
  2. Read carefully the 19 General Terms and Conditions provided and submit a signed hard copy of the same along with the quotation. Also fill up Form-1 in Bold Capital Letters with authorized signature and Seal of the company. To download Click here.
  3. Enclose along with a Demand Draft of Rs. 1000/- in favor of CCCT Payable at Jorethang, Sikkim for each scheme as processing charges. This amount will be non- refundable.
  4. Provide quotation in Letter Head, duly signed and sealed in the format:

    Sl. No. Item NameFull Specifications Make Model Price in INR Rate of tax in % Taxes in INR Total

    The format below is only for Photocopier machine & battery on BUY BACK OFFER)
    Sl. No. Item NameFull Specifications Make Model Price in INR Rate of tax in % Taxes in INR TotalBuy Back Offer Price(Rs.) Grand Total (Buy back price)

  5. Include pictures / brochures / whitepapers etc. for as many models being quoted.
  6. Enclose all relevant Certificate(s) of Manufacturing / Dealership / Agency etc. in the name of the party.
  7. Ensure the sealed copy of the above reaches the office of Principal, CCCT Polytechnic, Chisopani, P.O. Nandugaon 737126 South Sikkim on or before 2nd November 2017.
  8. Scheme Code given above should be mentioned in the quotation (right side on the top of the page). Quotation without scheme code will not be accepted.

For any clarification of doubts, you may contact Project Coordinator (9933833092) (between official working hours (10 am to 4 pm).

CCCT, Chisopani, South Sikkim
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